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Monthly Archives: December 2013

This is one happy dentist.


So, we’re awfully jealous and super envious of this  incredibly social media savvy dentist who has 61,629 likes on his Facebook page (  And we thought we were doing OK with our 1600 followers.  Yikes, made us wonder what we are doing wrong.  Is it possible this fella has that many patients who follow him?

Turns out, our progeny aren’t doing quite as well as this fellow dentist’s son.  His  son is a hoodie wearing, 30 something College dropout, worth about $19 Billion and basically changed the world. ImageThat would be Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Despite his son’s incredible fame and wealth, Ed Zuckerberg, D.D.S still practices dentistry in Dobb’s Ferry, New York,  in an office connected to his modest home that he has lived in since 1971.  His wife is the office manager, and he is known to his patients as “Painless Dr. Z”.  Partly through his having sired Mark Zuckerberg and partly because of  his own interest in technology, Dr. Z is in high demand these days in the dental conference circuits where he speaks on the intersection of dentistry, technology and social media.

OB-TA628_0521fb_E_20120521110355One of the perks of being the father to a internet scion, is that when you get a present from them, it’s really quite good.   Just before Facebook’s IPO and listing on NASDAQ, Mark Zuckerberg gifted his father 2 million shares, which he reportedly reluctantly accepted.  Today they are worth $96 million.  We can only hope that our own children are as successful and generous.

If there is a takeaway from this tale, it is this – Dentists with a lot of Likes on their Facebook page, are probably related to the founder.

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